Two months and two new Grand-babies in Bermuda


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For the past two months I have been a dirt dweller back home in Bermuda.

Our daughter Christina/Chrissie was expecting her 1st baby. This baby boy was a child that had been wished and prayed for over many years. Chrissie has a pregnancy blood disorder which without treatment causes miscarriages. In Bermuda a woman does not receive any screening coverage by insurance until she has lost 3 babies, Chrissie had lost 4. Chrissie had to inject herself daily with the blood treatment in order to carry this baby.

I had promised to be home with her for the new baby, especially since the baby’s daddy was no longer with Chrissie. Quest was born on September 11th, a few days earlier than expected. We of course were stuck in Georgia thanks to Irma. Once we arrived in Bermuda we hit the ground running…..

It happened to be Friday the 15th, our son Gavin’s 40th Birthday. We were driven home to drop our bags and to go straight out to drinks followed by an Indian dinner. The evening was fun, seeing Gavin’s friends some of which we have known since they were just toddlers. Then it was back home to help a very anxious new Mummy with her 4 day old baby.

3 days later it was John’s 65th Birthday. We had a small family celebration, which again was very enjoyable. In Bermuda you have to redo your driving license on your 65th. So John had the delight of being tested, afterwards he was given his driver’s license PLUS a Special Persons license!

Before we knew it we were right into the thick of house maintenance, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, pick-ups from nursery, stable work, feeding and mucking the horses, gardening, and so forth. This is life as normal when we are back home in Bermuda.

John stayed in Bermuda for just over 3 busy weeks. He enjoyed the family times especially with Lily, who was nearly 2 and May who is 18 months. I stayed in Bermuda for nearly 2 months. Most of my time was helping Chrissie with Quest and all the new Mummy experiences.

Quest is a lovely little angel, but quite challenging in the evenings. During the hours of 6pm and sometimes as late as 9:00pm he was not happy with anything, its called the “witching hour” for a good reason! Just before I left Bermuda at nearly 2 months he seemed to get through this difficult stage.

A few weeks before I left, Gavin and his wife Katie welcomed a new baby girl Evelyn into the world. She is an adorable addition to the family, being number 6 of our precious grandchildren.

Lily Gavin and Katie’s other little one turned 2 years old. There was a wonderful Birthday Party in the garden at Gavin and Katie’s home. The young ones played in a kiddies’ pool and finger-painted, also painting themselves. It was a lovely couple of hours!

It was a busy but very enjoyable family “holiday” back home. We realize we need to spend longer at home with the family as there are 4 Grandchildren under the age of 2 to get to know.

October 29th arrived and I flew back to Georgia where we have been preparing to leave……

In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, and bridge to our future. – Alex Haley

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