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John’s brother Alan brought us a Gopro when he visited us in Bonaire. Well it has taken me over a year to be able to edit, upload, publish and now get these very amateur videos online. Here they are:

2017 – 2018




2015 – 2016 










John loves to take video clips with his iPhone. They show short moments along the way. Below are the links to our video clips.





At sea, sailing…..

Dolphins at play 2 clips ( February 2013)

Rere Drives (August 2013)

 Ethan and Rere on way to Bequia (August 2013)

Tobago Keys August (July 2013)

Jazz in Grenada museum  (Sept 2013)

End of hike Dominica (April 2013

Lola loves peanuts (June 2013)

Ethan and Rere bow riding (2 clips from August 2013)

Ethan and Rere swimming (July 2013)

Ethan driving the dingy (July 2013)

Rhiannna feeds the birds AKA Bossy boots birds 2013

Ethan and Rhianna swing into the water 2013


Ethan and Rhianna passing time on long passages 2013

Ethan and Rere eat Oil Down after 1st Hash 2013

Rhianna and the turtle

At the top of La Soufriere St Vincent August 2013

Hiking Mt Moritz September 2013


Butterfly dives backwards at 7 Sisters waterfall September 2013

A Carib at the end of a Hash October 2013

2 Responses to Video clips

  1. Julia says:

    LOVE IT! SO MUCH FUN! how old is rhianna?

  2. Rhianna Howarth says:

    I am 12 🙂

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